Locations for Alcohol and Where it Comes into The Events You Have

The alcohol industry is such a large economic value in the United States, especially with almost $220 billion spent annually. There are many locations where the purchase and sale of all types of alcohol make up a very high percentage of the bill. Often, when an event is being catered, almost a quarter of the bill is assigned to alcohol, especially when there is an open bar.

Breweries and Wineries

While there is more than just the making of beer and wine in these locations, many of them also serve as local restaurants and entertainment venues. They are places where parties and other events can be held, as well as a wedding reception. There may be more than beer and wine included in the wedding liquor list, but these are often locations that are beautiful in appearance and role of these locations in a city’s history. Some of these include local winery tours or brewery tours, most often when you are visiting a location where these play a large role in the city’s history.
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6 Tips for the Perfect Growler Fill

Growler bar delaware

With the rise of craft beer and with so many types of beer on the market, growlers are increasingly popular. Your growler is the perfect way to share your own homebrew or bring home some of your favorite beer that’s only available on tap. However, nothing is more distressing than a poor growler fill. To get the right growler fill every time, be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Make sure you’re using a lower serving pressure. You don’t want your growler fills to be half foam, but you also don’t want to waste any more than you have to. When doing a growler fill, drop the psi regulator to around four. For more serves, the pressure stands around 12 or so, but four is great for getting your growler f Continue reading