The Five Best Edible Flowers

Crystallized edible flowers or candied flowers are almost too pretty to eat. There are more than 100 types of flowers that are not just edible but palatable as well. You can add edible flowers to different foods like salads, desserts, and even pizza, and you can add them to cocktails. Edible flowers and plants have been around for many, many years. You can either buy them and bring them home to add a delight to your different types of meals or drinks or you can enjoy seeing and eating the different flavors they bring at a restaurant. In fact, visits to fine dining restaurants have gone up by 3 % within the past year alone. This means that thousands, if not millions more people are visiting these types of restaurants than the past year.

Borage Blossoms

The borage blossoms come in the shape of a star and are a blue color. They also taste like cucumbers, which is why they are good to add into your salads. Because of the refreshing taste they bring out, borage bl Continue reading

Are You Looking for a Way to Improve the Meals That You Serve Your Family?

Some vegetables are edible flowers

Eating salsa gets a little old. Even if it is your favorite food, eating salsa, or any other food for that matter, too often can ruin a good thing. For this reason, households across America are constantly in search of new meal options and entree ideas. And while the quest for a change in the routine weekly meal plan is nothing new, the way that families are solving this challenge is new. Both in home ingredient and meal delivery and out of the home cooking classes are growing in popularity as families face the challenge of meal preparation.
Whether families are trying to create new one time meals in their own kitchen or they are attending professional cooking classes to build a month’s worth of meals at one time, stepping outside of the traditional family kitchen may be the answer to pr Continue reading