Five Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For The Economy

The results are in: America loves coffee. According to 2017 Gallup polls, there are about 64% of us who consume the magical bean to get us through the day. This tallies out to 157 million people. And the U.S. doesn’t even make the top 15 coffee drinking countries. According to The Atlantic, this prestige goes to the Netherlands as the leading world coffee consumer, drinking an average of about 2.5 cups per day.

“Coffee has become important to us on so many levels and there [are] no signs it’s cachet is going away any time soon,” claims Joe DeRupo, president of the National Coffee Association. “It’s part beverage, another part pop culture.”

Society has taken notice of this phenomenon and realizes how coffee can have a positive impact on business as well. Rather than having an office coffee maker that needs maintained and constantly restocking office coffee supplies, many companies are now utilizing the convenience of a Continue reading