A Beer Container For Every Season

Does it matter what beer containers you use to keep your favorite beverage in? You bet it does. You can’t put the drink of the gods into any old beer containers, so here’s what you need to know to choose the right beer containers for your brew.

Beer Containers: Cans

Before you scoff, there are some benefits to beer in cans. But let’s start with the basics. Bottles have been around 4,000 years or so. Before that, you got your beer in a tankard or flask at your local pub, or you carried it home in a bucket if you wanted some. Then we started putting it in bottles, and while that was cool, it was also heavy. The first canned beers appeared in 1935 and revolutionized the industry. They were far lighter than any bottles, meaning it was easier to buy a lot at a time. They were much quicker to get chilled, which is always a plus. They were also cheaper to produce, and that meant it became cheaper for you to buy your beer. Again another plus for everyone. Finally, because t Continue reading