What to Look for When Choosing an Event Venue

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The best event venues combine a number of attractive activities, such as a premier golf course (complete with golf equipment, of course), excellent food, picturesque grounds, and gorgeous spaces for functions both intimate and sprawling. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a celebration brunch, a work event, or just getting together with friends for a round of golf, most people can agree that location matters. So what should you take into consideration when looking for an event venue? What’s important if you want to get away for a weekend and play some special rounds of golf? What should you be prepared to do if you want to book an event at a special events facility? All these questions and more will be answered below, making your party planning or special outing all the easier to organize.

What Should I Look for In an Event Venue?

Space is usually the most pressing issue. If you are hosting an event where hundreds of guests are expected, you want to make sure there’s adequate seating and room to move about comfortably. You need to know your budget ahead of time and be prepared to book at least four to six months in advance. Parking should be easily accessible from the main location of the event and you should inquire about their food and beverage minimums. If they offer catering, it can take some of the hassle out of organizing your own caterer, and ask if certain complimentary services are included if you spend X amount of money.

An event venue that also provides chairs, tables, linens, audio-visual equipment, and staff to help set up and break down is also usually a godsend if you’re organizing an event, so see if your event venue does so. Seeing if the event venue provides insurance, is accessible to the handicapped, and flexible in terms of date can also be useful.

What Should I Look for in a Golf Course?

Golf courses are renowned for being beautiful spaces, with manicured fairways and greens and picturesque views. Ideally, you have plenty of space (and silence!) so you can concentrate on your best game. Good course design and variety keeps the game challenging and interesting, but ideally shouldn’t make it impossible for a golfer to continue playing. The longer the course, the more room for a varied course, which makes the game engaging.

Plus, the more variety a course has, the more players will be moving around.Given that a 175-pound man can burn almost 475 calories carrying his clubs in just one hour of play, it winds up being great exercise. If the course has nine holes, a player could walk almost 2.5 miles.

Some golf facilities may also provide golf equipment, if you don’t have your own. Generally in terms of golf equipment, you’ll only be allowed a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag during one round and your regulation golf ball should have about 336 dimples total.

What Do I Need to Have on Hand When Booking at a Special Events Facility?

You’ll want to have your numbers crunched already before booking. These numbers include your budget, total number of guests, parking needed, hours that you’ll need the venue, as well as what you would like the venue to provide.

You should be prepared to tell the event staff what type of event you’re hosting and ask about what they can provide on their end, and what you’ll need to bring with you. Ask about insurance policies, as mentioned previously, cancellation policies, extra costs, what gratuity for catering looks like, and what kind of staffing is available (and if they require additional staff for certain events).

And, of course, you should ask to take a tour of the facility before making a final decision, to get a feel for acoustics, ambiance, and decor.

Find the perfect event venue for your special day or night. Whether it’s a round of golf with new golf equipment, your wedding, or a work holiday party, you want to make sure that it’s the best of the best.

Why Golf Courses Are One of the Best Wedding Venues

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Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular. Beaches, gardens and even farms have become favorite locations for couples to exchange their vows. Among outdoor wedding places, golf courses have a number of advantages for couples and event planners. They offer a picture perfect setting as well as all facilities for a memorable party. With indoor reception spaces and ballrooms, and a trained staff of party planners, they can help you create a perfect celebration.

A beautiful natural setting
The largest number of weddings are held in the summer, taking advantage of the warm weather and the natural beauty of the outdoors. In fact over a third, or 35% of all weddings are now held out of doors, according to Hudson Valley Weddings. Outdoor venues can in include beaches, gardens, parks, and golf courses.
Golf courses offer vistas of smooth manicured greens with a backdrop of wooded hills, and a range of indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy the view and the event. Golf clubs actually are some of the best party venues, because they come fully equipped with all the facilities for a party. They have wedding, banquet, meeting and special events facilities, which make planning a party much easier.

Elegance and convenience in a single package
What makes a golf course one of the best places to have a wedding? Among outdoor wedding places, golf courses have one big advantage, and that’s accessibility. Not everyone can hike up a mountain trail to watch a couple exchange their vows, but grandparents and elderly relatives can make it out to the golf club.
A golf course wedding is also much easier to plan. It’s easily accessible to all caterers, florists, photographers, DJs and other professionals who will make the event happen. As well as outdoor wedding places, there is a club house with elegant decor, and trained staff who understand the art of hospitality.

On trend hospitality and party planning
With the avenge wedding reception costing $ 28,385, a golf club wedding offers some of the best value for your money. There will be a number of indoor banquet halls and reception rooms, lighted terraces and even a grand ballroom for a memorable night of celebration and dancing.
With a kitchen and staff that are experienced in the arts of hospitality and party planning, you can be sure that your event will be on trend. For example, in 2015, ethnic brunch items like Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, coconut milk pancakes were a hot trend, according to 67% of respondents. A wedding brunch may be the perfect weekend party for your family and friends.

Among popular outdoor wedding places, golf courses and club houses offer a combination of natural beauty and elegant surroundings. This, along with a trained staff of party planners, makes them a good place to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.