Latin-Inspired Rotisserie Chicken is a Real Party in Your Mouth


No doubt about it, Americans love their chicken. We eat it in grilled, baked, smoked and fried. We turn leftovers into casseroles, pot pies and sandwiches. In 2015, Americans consumed 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita and that number is expected to rise to 91.8 in 2016 according to the National Chicken Council. Despite our love for this bird, with so much consumption, it’s hard to find new ways to enjoy it.
Well, skip the rosemary and thyme of traditional American-style (boring) grocery-store variety rotisserie chicken. Bring on the spice of Latin-inspired rotisserie chicken that’s a party in your mouth. Combining sweet and sour orange, lime, garlic and cumin, this delicacy is one to come back for time and time again. And eating healthy doesn’t have to be flavorless by a long stretch. One place to find this specially seasoned bird is is one of the many restaurants in South Beach. Nestled among the numerous fast food restaurants are Latin-inspired BBQ and rotisseries serving up America’s #1 protein with style and spice. Competing with the other 39,325 eating and drinking establishments in Florida is no easy task, but this twist on an American standard is one not to miss while vacationing in the area.
Living in South Beach?
If you are among the 995,600 people in Florida working for the food service industry, and you live in South Beach, you know the challenges of living in small spaces often with limited kitchen facilities of your own. Fast food restaurants in South Beach abound, but it is challenging to eat healthy. Latin restaurants of South Beach offer delivery service of their healthy meals, which include family-style meals that serve 6. Sides that come with these meals include plantains, rice, black beans, fresh vegetables, rice and beans and zucchini salad to name a few.
After the Party
The night life in South Beach is vibrant and late-night meals top it all off. When looking for where to eat to wind down the evening, look no further than flavorful but healthy BBQ chicken wings and Latin rotisserie chicken.
Party of Your Own
Bring the flavor of Latin-inspired dishes to your own party with catering. Your guests will be delighted with the change of pace from traditional American BBQ.