The Value of Organic True Leaf Microgreens for Your Overall Health

Microgreens are the tiny, edible herbs and seasonings that come from vegetables and other plants. These have been around almost 30 years, including herbs like basil, arugula, chives, mustard, parsley, fennel, cilantro, mint, and dill. Both microgreen seeds and microgreen leaves can be used when cooking, depending on what you are making.

The Use of Microgreens in Meals

There are many different cooking methods that include microgreens, along with many different microgreen varieties that make different meals. Some of these can be in cooking or baking, while others are raw dishes or salads. True leaf microgreens are able to bring a wide variety of flavors to any meal, from leaves in salads along with dried to ground herbs used in various cooked meals.

True Leaf Microgreens

A number of different garden flowers, crystallized flowers, edible flower petals, herb crystals, hibiscus sugar flowers, and more can all be used for the creation of salads. Most often there i Continue reading