Health Benefits of Eating Nuts and Bulk Peanut Seeds

We all know the smooth, creamy delicious appeal of peanut butter, made from bulk peanut seeds. On its own or paired with another complementary food item, such as jelly or bananas, the allure of peanut butter is hard to resist. So irresistible that 90% of the homes in America eat peanut butter!

Likewise, many other members of the nut family such as the American walnut, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds and many more are as flavorful when used in cooking and food preparation as bulk peanut seeds.

But these delicious nuts are not just pretty and scrumptious. The benefits of eating peanuts and the benefits of tree nuts in general are numerous. Among the many uses of bulk peanut seeds and other types of nuts, one area stands out: the area concerning their nutritional benefits.

Here are a few statistics related to the benefits of nuts and the advantages of peanuts Continue reading