The Nutritional Benefits of Mexican Food

Mexican food is the most popular style of international cuisine in the United States, accounting for 42% of all ethnic food sales in the United States. One out of every 10 restaurants in America is selling Mexican cuisine, and there are 67,391 American restaurants that will serve you a burrito. As of 2011, the United States had about 38,000 Mexican restaurants dotting the map, and more than 70% of households use Mexican food and Mexican ingredients in their own cooking. Mexican food has even inspired a cuisine fusion known as Tex-Mex, which started to become popular as far back as the 1940s. Mexican food is delicious, but is Mexican food healthy? Read on to learn all about the nutritional benefits of Mexican food.

  • The nutritional benefits of Mexican food: lots of vitamins and minerals. Mexican cuisine emphasizes the use of tomatoes and other fresh vegetables. Onions are a great source of vitamin C, while tomatoes and salsa provide many essential nutrients. Th Continue reading