Three Things To Know Before Choosing A Wedding Caterer

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When it comes to event planning and catering, few events are quite as important as a wedding. Yes, there may be some galas that welcome the rich and famous, and there may be some formal ceremonies that are technically more prestigious than the celebration of nuptials. But for a bride and groom, few days are going to top the one in which they exchanged vows and pledged their love to one another. As such, there’s a lot of pressure for the wedding to be as perfect as possible. And while you may find that your dress doesn’t fit quite the way you wanted, or perhaps that the weather isn’t what was expected, if you hire the right special event catering services, you can trust that your meal will go off without a hitch. With that being said, good caterers can’t do all of the work themselves. There are a few things that you, as the bride or groom, will have to know in advance in order to get the most out of your special day. For that matter, the more information you’re able to give professional catering services, the better they will be able to accommodate any specific issues or quirks surrounding your venue. With that being said, let’s look into what you should expect should you hire event planning and catering services for your wedding.

1. The Food Will Be Delicious — But There Won’t Be Any Leftovers

If you’re careful about the event planning and catering services you hire, the food they give you will most likely be amazing. Many catering services have made an art out of making great food in virtually any location; that’s what they’re known for, after all. But it’s likely that some won’t get eaten over the course of the wedding — and you won’t get to keep it. What you’re paying for with most catering services is the food that you eat, not the amount of food made total. Most catering services will take your guest list and add a certain amount of food that needs to be made, in order to accommodate those who want second helpings. As such, it’s not unusual for there to be food left afterwards, and the catering service will take that food with them. While you may think that you’re missing out on leftovers, the reality is that most people won’t be equipped to take it with them anyway — especially not the bride and groom, who are most likely about to set off on their honeymoon. The removal of food is part of cleanup, and the catering service is taking care of that for you.

2. Special Requirements Can Be Accommodated

Not everyone has the same dietary needs, and this is especially evident when you’re hosting a big wedding. In this day and age, many people are trying to be socially conscious with their meals, and therefore you may need to accommodate vegan and vegetarian guests. More crucially, some guests are vegetarian due to their religious practices, and you certainly don’t want to run into any problems in that respect. Other times, guests have dietary restrictions due to allergies. No matter what the reason, let your event planning and catering services know ahead of time and they will be able to adjust the recipes accordingly, of for that matter help you plan a special menu for your guests with specific restrictions. In this sense, it can be less expensive and more convenient to have pre-plated, pre-ordered meals than buffets or food stations when the caterer is off-site.

3. Caterers Can Help You Stay In Style

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the wedding trends, especially those that revolve around food. With that being said, a good caterer will make it a priority to stay up to date on all of the latest trends in wedding food, and they can help you plan a menu that will impress and delight. If you’re not sure about your wedding menu, feel free to ask your caterer for guidance.