3 Beneficial Reasons to Consume Microgreens

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Microgreens have only been around for two to three decades. However, these greens continue to be something that every diner looks forward to seeing on a dinner plate. There are many uses for microgreens in both restaurants and home kitchens around the world. The wide range of micro green varieties ensures a chef always has plenty of options with this type of food. Here are three benefits of consuming microgreens.

  1. Large Amount of Vitamins and Nutrients

    One reason this food is highly beneficial is that there are many micro green varieties available. Many people combine various micro green varieties to receive multiple types of nutrients. Microgreens are known for being rated on a unique scale, receiving a rating from one to five. If microgreens receive a rating of less than three signifies this food as unmarketable.
  2. High Concentration of Antioxidants

    The way that microgreens are grown allows them to retain a lot of antioxidants. Organic micro greens are known to contain higher levels of antioxidants when compared to raw vegetables. One reason for this increase is because eating microgreens allows someone to consume more of a plant. Many vegetables purchased from a supermarket have these additional pieces removed before arrival. In order to keep microgreens in optimal condition, they need to be stored at a temperature nearing 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Easy to Digest

    One problem with getting nutrients and vitamins from vegetable is that you have to eat a lot of them. Certain people may find that they have difficulties digesting such large quantities of food. A microgreen is a much smaller form of vegetable that is often easier to consume. In addition, microgreens are made in a way that reduces certain nutrients known to cause digestion problems.

In summary, there are many benefits associated with microgreens. This type of food is known for having large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Regularly consuming vitamins and minerals has been shown to reduce certain the risk of certain diseases. Microgreens have a high concentration of antioxidants which are beneficial for cleansing the body. Many people find that antioxidants are easy to digest since they are smaller types of food. Microgreens have risen to popularity since the 1980s and remain a favorite among foodies.

How To Use Crystallized Flowers

Herb crystals

Crystallized flowers are the ideal why to make a statement with food with class and polish. Using these edible flowers will definitely capture the attention of everyone who is eating at the table. Whether edible flowers for salads are served or candied flowers are used to adorn a dessert, using crystallized flowers is a way to make a meal extra special.

With specialty produce, such as micro herbs ore basil crystals, the chef can add the ideal seasonings to make the dish really stand out in taste and flavor. These micro greens might seem to be small in stature but they pack a powerful wallop of taste that is sure to get the attention of palates everywhere. Many chefs find it fun to experiment with different herb crystals to find just the right combination for their tastes.

Sugar flowers, also known as crystallized flowers, are made just as their name implies. First, edible flowers such as marigold, snapdragon, carnation, nasturtium, batchelor’s buttons, dahlia and pansy, are coated in a solution of sugar. The next step is a drying process that renders them the perfect addition to cheese plates, desserts and drinks. Nothing says wow like a pretty, and delicious, flower floating invitingly in an individual’s favorite drink.

Microgreens are a fun addition to have in any chef’s kitchen. When they are properly cared for by being refrigerated, they usually last five to seven days. Sometimes they can last even longer. Some of the more popular varities of microgreens include broccoli, cucumber, beet, kale, wasabi, chia, arugula, radish, celery and various types of lettuce. By keeping some of these young seedlings on hand, a chef can instantly have fresh and tasty greens to add to any meal, no matter time of the day it is. Microgreens and crystallized flowers look particularly inviting when used with brunch dishes.

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