6 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood

The United States has milled trillions of board feet of lumber since 1900. Three trillion feet, to be exact. Wood continues to be milled every year and continues to be wasted, too, since it makes up around 20% to 30% of the waste at the average construction site.

And while new wood has its uses and value, and while wood is in some ways a renewable resource, this young wood is not renewable in the amounts that we use. That is just one reason that reclaimed wood is superior to new wood as a choice for rustic furniture, solid wood table tops, and a variety of other applications. Here are some other reasons to consider rejecting new wood:

Ecological Responsibility

Every time reclaimed wood is used, there is that much lower demand on our forest resources. This not only preserves the trees themselves, but also the multitude of creatures who depend upon those trees for survival. While it’s important that the forests be cleaned out periodically, and not all tree-felling is harmful, Continue reading