Enchiladas That You Make at Home

Tres leches cake recipe

If you are any kind of cook at all you will appreciate how easy it is to make enchiladas at home. There are all kinds of recipes for enchiladas online. Some other recipes from south of the boarder that are also fun to try are the ones you can find for tamales. Usually a tamale recipe is a little more challenging for most American cooks though. Hispanic food is one of the favorite types of foods being served in restaurants today and a lot of cooks like to try their hand at making different recipes at home. One example of this would be empanadas, which may also be a challenge for the inexperienced cook. If you want a different south of the border dessert, try a tres leches cake recipe. There are plenty of those recipes online today too.

Enchiladas and refried beans and rice are great for anyone to make if they are in the mood for Mexican food at home. All you need is the right ingredients and you can have this meal done in about an hour. You’ll want to buy some already made tortillas to use for your enchiladas though. That will make assembling them go much faster. If you are making tamales, expect it to take a lot longer and be a lot more complicated.

When making homemade enchiladas, start off with some chopped onions and garlic. Gently stir fry them in a pan until tender. Remove your onions and garlic from the pan and brown about 2 pounds of hamburger meat in the pan. Some people use shredded chicken or pork to make their enchiladas. Others will make enchiladas with beans, cheese and chilies. Interestingly enough, nowadays you can find the meat for enchiladas already prepared and packaged for sale in some grocery stores. However, there are so many recipes in cookbooks and online that you won’t have any trouble finding the exact recipe for enchiladas that you and your family will like.

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Francis Pitt

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