Get More Uses Out of Your Used Ice Cream Containers

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With the state of the ecological balance precariously tipping toward disaster it is more important no, more than ever to be conscious of our individual impact on the earth. We have all seen the horrible sight of people walking down the street eating from a an ice cream containers, bags of chips and promptly dropping the empty containers on the ground after finishing its contents.

Litter is Not Just an Eyesore

While many people might rationalize this act away by relying on municipal street cleaning, the truth is that any type of litter has a greater a cost. Consider this, it takes gasoline to fuel street sweeping trucks, in turn this gasoline, once burned, leads to carbon emissions. Not too mention the tons and tons of reusable refuse that ends up in landfills every year. Being earth friendly does not have to mean forsaking all modern conveniences and living solely on the land there are small things that each individual can do each day to maintain that they are doing their part for mother earth.

Creative Uses for Your Used Ice Cream Containers

Even after you have finished your delicious ice cream treat you can still find use for your ice cream containers and yogurt cups.” Title=”Ice cream, Custom printed ice cream cups”>Plastic ice cream containers can be used to store bits and bobs, such as buttons change or even stationary like paperclips and tacks. Paper ice cream containers are a great way to start growing seedling plants before your transfer them to bigger pots.

Paper Ice Cream Cups Make Great Planters

Have you ever wanted to plant some herbs or flowers, but have run out of planters or pots. Luckily if you have a used paper ice cream container handy and some soil, you’ll never have to worry about getting started on your next horticultural project again. Not only do paper ice cream cups keep your ice cream cold they are also perfect ways to start plating seeds. To prepare your beginning planter, just make sure to poke a few holes into the bottom of the container for drainage before you begin to water your growing seeds. Once the root system is established cut the sides of the container and transplant it into a larger pot.

Yogurt Cup Can Be Used For Craft Projects

If you have children you know how expensive it can be to keep up with craft supplies. It is important for young minds to have materials that let them run wild with their imagination, but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you have budding architects or artists, try saving your used yogurt cups, yogurt cups are flexible enough, yet durable enough to be a part of any imagination project. Think about it a yogurt cup can be a house, a mountain or even a part of some mini bongos. Rather than spending money on generic building blocks, give your children something that will really give their imagination a work out.

As you can see it doesn’t take much to help the earth,just a little bit of imagination and innovation. Aside from plastic and paper containers, think of how much goes to waste in the average house every day. Most of the items that we take for granted or wind up in the trash can on a regular basis can actually have dozens of alternate uses. To find out how you can reuse and recycle more in your life, consult your local conservation society. There are also several internet forums that have useful information and tips as well.

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