How Much Beer Does it Take to Surpass Legal Drinking Limits?

As a beer-lover, it can be difficult to gauge how much is too much. Since beer is one of the alcoholic drinks with the least alcohol per liter, you may think you can drink more than you can before becoming legally intoxicated. Normal humans all around the world pay the cost for drunk driving every year, and drunk driving lawyers never have a shortage of cases. Before you decide you can drive, it is crucial to know you BAC, or blood alcohol content.

Video Source

Do you wonder if you are legally allowed to drive after 3 beers? Well, this video helps to shed some light on how much beer gets you to the legal .08% BAC.

These two hosts are drinking different beers, one ale with 4.2% alcohol content, and one IPA with 6.9% alcohol. After the first two drinks, the BAC of both men was still well under .08, with the ale producing a substantially lower result. Even after the 4th beer, both breathalyzers are still under .08%! However, once the 5th and 6th come around, both surpass the .08% mark. It is vital to remember that alcohol has a delayed effect on your system, so you can still be getting intoxicated without continuously drinking.


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