How to Find Authentic Mexican Food in Your City

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Everyone should have authentic tasting Mexican food, at least one time in their lives. It is likely that there are many Mexican restaurants in your local area. However, it is also likely that many of them are not authentic and the menu items actually have very little to do with Mexican food. How can you experience the authentic taste of Mexican food?

Travel to a different area

Traveling is one of the best ways to expand your Mexican restaurant experiences. Of course, you could travel to Mexico and have a real authentic taste of the Mexican food options. However, if traveling outside of the country is not an option for you, you will find that there are many high quality Mexican restaurants in the country that are close to the real thing. You will simply have to do a little research to find the best Mexican restaurants. Traveling more south and closer to the borders will give you the best options.

Look up local Mexican restaurant reviews

Even if you live in the northern most part of the United States, you probably have a few Mexican catering options. As of 2011, there are 38,000 Mexican restaurants dispersed across the American landscape. You can usually get a good idea of the foods that a Mexican restaurant serves by looking up local reviews. Pay attention to the factors that are most important to you including the cost, the taste, and how authentic the food is. Customers enjoy rating local restaurants and you can get a lot of valuable feedback about how authentic a restaurant is, based on these reviews.

Choose a Mexican restaurant based on food preferences

There are many different types of Mexican food. You might even find that you do not prefer what is considered to be authentic Mexican. Try out a couple of different restaurants to learn what your Mexican preferences are. You might prefer the fast casual restaurant Mexican option. This is a little different than the traditional restaurant setting. Instead of immediately sitting and waiting for a server to take your order, you go through a cafeteria like line and select the specific toppings you want. This is a great way to try new Mexican food dishes and to make substitutions for food items that you do not enjoy. Keep track of these food preferences and you will find it easier to choose a local Mexican restaurant.

Follow your favorite Mexican chefs

Authentic Mexican food usually comes from Mexican chefs. If a local Mexican restaurant is opened by a local with no ties to Mexico, you can guess that it is not going to serve authentic Mexican food. A lot of the restaurants today that claims to be Mexican actually have little to no ties to the Mexican culture. One out of every 10 restaurants in the U.S. sells Mexican food, making it the most popular style of international cuisine in the country. However, if you follow your favorite Mexican chefs, you can be the first to know about real Mexican restaurants opening in your area. Follow these chefs on social media, TV, and news publications.

Make your own Mexican food

If you are finding it difficult to locate authentic Mexican food in your area, consider making it yourself. With a little research and high quality ingredients, you can make a Mexican meal that is more authentic than the local Mexican restaurant. Approximately 71.08% of American households use Mexican food and ingredients anyway. Look up Mexican recipes and choose ones that appeal the most to you.

There are many restaurants that claim to serve authentic Mexican food. Yet, if you have ever been to Mexico or had a real Mexican meal, you know this is not the case. You can usually judge the authenticity of a Mexican restaurant based on their knowledge, reviews, and the chef. Make your own preference decisions and find the best Mexican restaurants in your city. If your search does not produce any good results, consider making your own Mexican inspired meals.

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