Taking A Look At The Growing Market For The Refrigerated Truck

Here in the United States, refrigerated trucks, often referred to as reefer trucks, are becoming more common than ever before, thanks to the growing demand that is being placed on various food delivery services. In fact, the January of this past year (2018) alone saw up to forty thousand new and used reefer trailers ordered, marking a more than two hundred and fifty percent in crease in the demand for a reefer unit since the January of 2017, just one year prior. In addition to this, it’s important to note that it’s not just the United States experiencing a growing demand for thermo king refrigeration units for sale and the like – on the contrary, thermo king refrigeration units for sale are growing in popularity and in demand all throughout the world as a whole.

Currently, the value of this market for refrigeration trucks and trailers has reached a total value of five billion dollars, according to data that was gathered in the year of 2015, now nearly four years in the past. However, in the years that are to come this number is expected to increase considerably. In the year of 2022, now just a few short years away, the total value of the market for global refrigeration units is set to hit seven billion dollars. From that point on, who knows how high the market value will continue to climb and climb.

But why has the use of thermo king refrigeration units for sale and other used thermo king refrigeration units grown so exponentially, with as many as five hundred thousand – a solid half of a million – reefer trailers, used reefer trailers for sale and new ones alike – already in use here in the United States alone, a number that is only likely to grow in the year to come? For one thing, the demand for refrigerated goods delivered right to any given person’s doorstep is on the rise. E-commerce, to say the least, is thriving, and more people are shopping on online platforms than they ever have before.

From clothing to shoes to furniture to makeup products, you can buy just about anything online – and food is no exception to that rule. And while the thought of buying food from an online site and on an online platform was once approached with much caution, the times have changed and food can now be ordered online from very reputable sources and grocery stores. Of course, however, this food will need to be refrigerated on the transport from store to home, and this is where thermo king refrigeration units for sale and other types of reefer trailers come into play. Just by getting a reefer trailer like thermo king refrigeration units for sale, a business can make themselves all the more competitive, offering a source of convenience that other brands simply might not.

Of course, it is also very crucial to by the right kind of thermo king refrigeration units for sale, or other type of reefer trailer, as they come in a wider variety than people realize – though the vast majority of reefer trailers for sale will not be able to hold more than forty four thousand pounds. For instance, the length of reefer trailers can vary by quite a bit. At the shortest, a reefer trailer is likely to be around twenty eight feet long but the longest of reefer trailers will typically not exceed fifty three feet in total length.

Height is another variable factor that should be considered when any type of reefer trailer is used, but height tends to vary just a little bit less than the lengths of reefer trailers does. For instance, height will typically not surpass thirteen and a half feet – but also won’t dip too far below that as well. However, it’s still something important that should be considered at the time of purchasing a reefer trailer, from thermo king refrigeration units for sale to other types of reefer units for sale. Taking your time to find the right reefer unit for your needs will pay off well at the end of the day.

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