The benefits of organic food

Organic food benefit

Those who want to live long, healthy lives strive to eat better. Its a proven fact that eating safely grown, chemical free foods such as produce and meats can help people feel better. There is no doubt about it. The benefits of organic food outweigh chemically produced, factory grown food.
Organic foods have penetrated much of mainstream culture throughout the past decade, sparking debates regarding safety, labels and costs. Organic food has appeared in force at major supermarkets, big box retailers and at fast food joints.
Almost all consumers are at least somewhat familiar with the USDA organic label now, but what’s really going on, and what are the benefits of organic foods?
According to some, The organic food benefits are more perceived than real. But the public opinion that organic food is healthier than conventional food is alive and well and is the sole reason for nearly 30 percent growth in the organic food industry during the past five years.
In general, organic food consumers, manufacturers and farmers strongly believe in the benefits of organic food over non organic food. It is believed that organic foods lead to better health. Since organic food is not prepared using chemicals in fertilizers or pesticides, it does not contain any traces of these strong chemicals and might not affect the human body during consumption.
Others perceive organic foods to taste better. The main reason for this belief is that food is produced using organic means. Further, organic food is often sold locally resulting in availability of fresh produce in the market. This is great for local farmers, businesses and the over all satisfaction of consumers.
Safety for the environment is another main factor when considering the benefits of organic food. Because harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air and water pollution. Organic food harvesting makes for a safe world in which future generations can live and thrive.
Lastly, the welfare of animals is greatly considered when discussing the benefits of organic food. Producing organic milk, meat, poultry and fish are key components to the organic food industry. Consumers like knowing that animals were not confined, caged, or otherwise mistreated.

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Francis Pitt

Francis Pitt has made a name for himself in farm-to-table organics, working at restaurants in Portland, Seattle and Burlington, Vermont. While he has a taste for the extreme, most of his restaurant’s top sellers are much more down-to-earth, regularly featuring mushrooms gathered from the slopes of the Cascades, and fresh wild-caught seafood from the Oregon coast. Inspired by trends in Portland, his latest restaurant offers the ultimate chef’s table: dinner begins in the morning at his island collective farm, and 4 lucky guests every week get to follow the food, literally, from the field to the plate! Francis is a firm believer that you are what you eat — do you really want to be a chemistry set?