When Planning a Wedding, Beware Hidden Fees

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What party venues have you considered for your wedding? Of course, to book a party for any celebration can become stressful especially when the guest list is large. But with a wedding ceremony and reception, a bride wants things to be exactly as they imagined, whether that is an elegant evening party or a sunny morning brunch. Different party venues can offer different options, so it is important to do one’s research.

This Is Going to Cost Me HOW MUCH?

Weddings are infamously expensive. The average budget (meaning between the lowest and highest) is $28,385 for the wedding ceremony and reception not including food, favors, dress, rings, or the cake. Some couples may see that number and think, “Oh okay. That sounds about right.” Other couples may think, “Yeesh. Is there anyway we can bring that price down by a few…thousand?”

There are little ways wedding costs can add up and put the whole party over budget. Which means there are also ways to keep costs low. Any big celebration at any of the party venues in any city will cost money. But if a reasonable budget is set it can be possible to stick to it and still have a romantic wedding.

How to Save Money Without Cutting Out the Cake.

One trick is to try and find those party venues that offer packages. Some golf courses, for example, have catering options for the weddings they host. But they may charge a fee for outside food to be brought in. It is beneficial to ask questions about everything. Ask the event manager about corkage fees, about security fees, about set up and take down fees, etc. These are not necessarily “hidden fees” so much as fees that may not occur to someone who has never planned a wedding reception before.

One important factor to consider is whether the wedding will be indoors or outdoors. For larger wedding guest lists, an outdoor reception may be a requirement if your chosen venue cannot comfortably fit everyone inside. Hudson Valley Weddings surveyed brides and discovered 35% of couples plan outdoor weddings.

The Timing of the Wedding Affects Its Price.

One way to lower costs is to have an early wedding. A morning wedding ceremony takes advantage of the time of day when most businesses charge less for their services. Party venues like the timing because they can book more parties. Caterers also are known to charge a bit less for brunch-like foods. Still not sold? Consider asking the baker to make one, smaller, decorative cake to cut into and having large sheet cakes in the kitchen to serve to guests.

When you begin to plan your wedding, it is important to have a clear picture of what you want. No wedding will ever go 100% according to plan, but it can help the process along. Determine what you are comfortable compromising on, such as colors or cost, and decisions will be easier.

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