Reclaimed Spruce for Paneling, Walls, Flooring, and Furniture

More than beautiful and artistic, reclaimed wood was once an old barn, boat or other item deemed out-of-date or unusable. With the ability to reclaim spruce and other types of wood, there is much to be done for minimizing waste and cutting costs for flooring, paneling, countertops, and furniture.

Reclaimed Spruce and Other Types of Wood

While spruce is not the only type of reclaimed wood, there is a great deal of beauty in the uses of all types. It can be used for the construction of furniture and other artistic items, and it can also be used in the design and decoration of your home. The vintage or classic look of reclaimed wood is stylish for items like tables, countertops, bedroom furniture, living room furniture frames, window frames, and much more. So many different types of reclaimed wood have been developed for items like the following:

  • Ladderback chairs
  • Rustic table tops
  • Rustic wood siding
  • Reclaimed wood restaurant tables
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4 Great Ways to Maximize Soup Sales

Many people enjoy consuming soup throughout the world, especially in the United States. In fact, research shows that American eat over 10 billion bowls of soup annually. If you either run or are thinking about running a soup shop of your own, it’s important to learn how to remain profitable. Here are four popular tips for increasing sales at your soup shop.

  1. Don’t Forget About Rotating Menu Options

    Eating the same food can become quite boring. Therefore, it’s important to offer your customers a wide range of soups to enjoy. If you’re wondering what types of soups to consider carrying, it’s wise to look for what foods are in season. By doing this, you’re able to ensure that your soups are extremely fresh which customers will love.
  2. Give Customers More Freedom

    Research from 2016 found that 32.1% of all deli operations were planning to enhance their soup stations. Considering that, it’s important to offer a station which Continue reading

4 Important Benefits Associated with Juicing

If you’re wanting to live a healthy life, it’s wise to begin juicing. Juicing means taking fruits and vegetables and transforming these foods into healthy beverages. However, it makes sense to wonder what makes juicing so beneficial. Considering that, here are four important benefits of juicing.

  1. Consuming Fruits and Vegetables in an Efficient Manner

    Research shows that about 70% of Americans aren’t eating enough fruit and vegetables each day. Certain people find it understandably difficult to purchase and consume several cups of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. By juicing fruits and vegetables, you’re able to receive the nutrients you need without having to eat them. Therefore, juicing and drinking fruits and vegetables allows you to save time and effort when compared to eating these foods.
  2. Removing Toxins From Your Body

    Consuming fruits and vegetables provide a wide range of health benefits. Considering that Continue reading

Use Soup Containers and Coffee Cups to Reinforce Your Branding at Corporate Events

If you run or manage a business, one of the most important things that you need to dedicate time and resources to would be marketing and advertising. It is important for businesses to find a voice in competitive markets, especially in this day and age. Finding a niche for your brand to fill and crafting an identity that resonates with your target audience is a prime requirement if you want to take your business forward and this is where the right marketing strategies can really contribute. Finding new and unique branding opportunities is something you should definitely keep an eye out for.

In this day and age, there can already be a number of avenues of marketing and advertising that make use of the internet and social media. Since the advent of the internet, more and more avenues have opened up and businesses routinely make creative use of these modes of marketing. In such a clime, it is important that you create your own space with your branding to have a voice that stands out Continue reading

Locations for Alcohol and Where it Comes into The Events You Have

The alcohol industry is such a large economic value in the United States, especially with almost $220 billion spent annually. There are many locations where the purchase and sale of all types of alcohol make up a very high percentage of the bill. Often, when an event is being catered, almost a quarter of the bill is assigned to alcohol, especially when there is an open bar.

Breweries and Wineries

While there is more than just the making of beer and wine in these locations, many of them also serve as local restaurants and entertainment venues. They are places where parties and other events can be held, as well as a wedding reception. There may be more than beer and wine included in the wedding liquor list, but these are often locations that are beautiful in appearance and role of these locations in a city’s history. Some of these include local winery tours or brewery tours, most often when you are visiting a location where these play a large role in the city’s history.
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Buying a Custom BBQ Trailer

Grilling meats and vegetables on barbecues and grills is a long-standing American tradition, one that many families take part in a few times a year. The Fourth of July and Memorial Day are the biggest two occasions for barbecue, with 73% of consumers using grills on the former and 60% on the latter day. In fact, the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, or the HPBA, estimates that seven in 10 American adults owns their own grill or smoker for meats and vegetables. It can be fun, too: estimates show that 23% of consumers think of a grilling area as a place for relaxation, and 28% consider it an entertainment space. With this nation-wide interest in grilled meats and more, the right equipment should be on hand for the job. A stand up smoker, custom charcoal grills, pit smokers, and more are out there for any meat cooking enthusiast, and a custom trailer for grilling or smoking meats ca Continue reading

Taking A Look At The Growing Market For The Refrigerated Truck

Here in the United States, refrigerated trucks, often referred to as reefer trucks, are becoming more common than ever before, thanks to the growing demand that is being placed on various food delivery services. In fact, the January of this past year (2018) alone saw up to forty thousand new and used reefer trailers ordered, marking a more than two hundred and fifty percent in crease in the demand for a reefer unit since the January of 2017, just one year prior. In addition to this, it’s important to note that it’s not just the United States experiencing a growing demand for thermo king refrigeration units for sale and the like – on the contrary, thermo king refrigeration units for sale are growing in popularity and in demand all throughout the world as a whole.

Currently, the value of this market for refrigeration trucks and trailers has reached a total value of five billion dollars, according to data that was gathered in the year of 2015, now nearly four years in the past. Howev Continue reading

The Five Best Edible Flowers

Crystallized edible flowers or candied flowers are almost too pretty to eat. There are more than 100 types of flowers that are not just edible but palatable as well. You can add edible flowers to different foods like salads, desserts, and even pizza, and you can add them to cocktails. Edible flowers and plants have been around for many, many years. You can either buy them and bring them home to add a delight to your different types of meals or drinks or you can enjoy seeing and eating the different flavors they bring at a restaurant. In fact, visits to fine dining restaurants have gone up by 3 % within the past year alone. This means that thousands, if not millions more people are visiting these types of restaurants than the past year.

Borage Blossoms

The borage blossoms come in the shape of a star and are a blue color. They also taste like cucumbers, which is why they are good to add into your salads. Because of the refreshing taste they bring out, borage bl Continue reading

Why You Should Incorporate Reclaimed Wood in Your House

Natural reclaimed wood is the process of using old wood for new projects. The wood often comes from old barns, wine casks, shipping crates, and boats that are no longer needed or have been torn down. Not only is this design beautiful, but it also saves energy and helps us avoid cutting down more trees than necessary. In fact, using reclaimed wood to create flooring takes about 10 times less energy than using freshly cut trees.

One of the many benefits of reclaimed wood is its strength and durability. Before it made its way into your home, it braved the elements for years and expanded and contracted until it settled into its current shape. You can rely on your floors or furniture to last for years and without being gentle with it at the beginning.

Everyone is looking to be more eco-friendly, and why should that search stop at your tables? Reclaimed wood tables are environmentally friendly tables made easy. A popular item that would look beautiful in any part of the house is t Continue reading

Office Coffee Systems Provide a Gathering Spot for Workers in the Morning

For many people, few things are more important than that first cup of coffee in the morning. And while many people simply want a strong, black cup of coffee, there are also a number of people who prefer a particular kind of specialty coffee blend. Some are so special, in fact, that the ordering is pretty long and laborious. Finding the right kind of coffees to have on hand at your office may seem like a luxury that you do not want to explore, but the amount of time that employees can save by not going off site for campus can make that seemingly luxurious decision be a smart one.
From a single cup coffee machine for the office of just a few people to a large coffee system for a big office, the coffee decisions that you make can provide a great start to any day, as well as a pick me up in the middle of the day. Office coffee providers vary in the services that they offer and the Continue reading