Cardiovascular Disease Is On The Rise How Eating A Handful Of Nuts Per Day Can Lower Your Risk

Organic peanut seeds

Is it possible to lose weight and not feel hungry?

There are some harmful misconceptions going around concerning a healthy diet. Whether you’re trying to reduce your risk of heart disease or shave off a few pounds, at no point should you feel hungry, tired or jittery from a lack of nutrition. Nuts are a great way to supplement your diet with healthy vitamins and minerals while helping you feel full, perfect for almost any type of lifestyle. You can eat them plain, bring them with you in the car or incorporate them into a wide variety of recipes. Learning about walnut tree facts and pure peanut oil benefits can change how you look at your personal progress.

Learn About Different Nut Benefits

Although all nuts provide a healthy amount of fiber, some nuts have higher concentrations of certain vitamins and minerals than others. Walnut tree facts can prove rather interesting in that a walnut is a seed rather than a nut. They are, however, delicious and healthy. Macadamia nut benefits include high amounts of vitamin B1, perhaps the best ingredient you can use to encourage a healthy cardiovascular system. Peanuts have plenty of protein and vitamin E, the latter of which encourages smooth skin and healthy nails. Although not a nut, chia seeds have a high amount of fiber and protein.

Try A Leafy Salad Or Pasta Recipe

You’ve brushed up on your walnut tree facts and the nutritional value of nuts. Now what? A healthy diet is often (though not always) paired with an active lifestyle. If you can’t find the time to create an elaborate meal, try a quick recipe that can be done on the fly. A leafy salad with a spinach base and a dash of nuts can give you the iron you need to stay energetic all day long. Pasta salads are a huge favorite among different types of diets for their easy preparation and ability to be stored throughout the week. Garden pasta salad recipes put a high amount of vegetables and nuts into the mix for a well-rounded meal.

Chop Them Up Into Stir Fry

Gearing up for a tasty lunch with good leftovers? Stir fry is a good choice with plenty of variety to keep things from getting stale. Much like pasta salad stir fry can be eaten hot or cold, easily stored in the fridge to be reheated on the fly. Peanut benefits can be enjoyed through a delicious peanut oil base, a popular ingredient in many cultures for its fast frying and high amount of protein. It’s estimated over 90% of American households will regularly eat peanut butter, so shaking up how you look at a common ingredient can shake up how you live your life.

Bring A Bag Of Trail Mix

When cooking isn’t in the cards, a bag of trail mix can give you everything you need. A recent study involving over 8,800 men and women in Spain revealed people who eat nuts at least twice per week were 30% less likely to gain weight than those who rarely or never ate nuts. Because nuts have a higher amount of minerals and vitamins alongside a lower amount of calories, you’re getting the benefits you need without having to worry about excess. A classic bag of trail mix includes peanuts, raisins, cranberries and sunflower seeds. Walnut tree facts can’t go far without revealing the heart healthy nature of walnuts, so toss in a few to get the full package.

Eat Them Plain And Reap The Benefits

At their most basic, nuts are a fundamental addition. They provide just enough calories to keep your fuel reserves going strong, but offer a healthy amount of fats and minerals to encourage you to lose weight rather than gain it. Illuminating studies provided by Harvard found just two servings of nuts per day can go the extra mile in fighting cardiovascular disease. This debilitating condition is exacerbated by a lack of exercise, regular smoking and genetic factors. When you’re feeling down about your progress, grab a handful of peanuts or cashews and get yourself on the right track.

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