Water Coolers Can Keep A Workforce Hydrated

Water is considered a key ingredient for the formation of life itself. Mankind is no exception. We need water in our system, even if our bodies are comprised of 60 percent water, because the systems rely on water to help regulate those processes. It can cool us off on a hot day, stabilizing our temperature and even help with weight loss when liquids, like sugary drinks, are replaced with fresh water. Fresh, clean water is a gift that never takes.

But what happens when water is not safe to drink? You end up with a vicious cycle of dehydration. This is because when one in eight people do not have access to clean water, where are their alternatives? Bottled water. However, just recently, Nestle was hit with a class-action lawsuit stating that they alleged falsified advertisement for Poland Spring Water. In 2003, it was settled with Nestle paying $10 million to charity. Luckily, this was just one company and they were, rightfully, punished.

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