How to Choose the Right Bread Dough Mixer

If you are in the restaurant business you probably know how important a commercial dough mixer machine is to your restaurant. Mixing a batch of dough by hand and kneading it properly can take close to half an hour. An industrial dough mixer cuts that time down to mere moments and spares you a tremendous amount of effort. This is especially important if you want to offer quality pizza, which Americans report to be their number one comfort food. As you consider a dough mixer machine, you’ve probably noticed that there are planetary mixers and spiral mixers. Which one should you choose, and what are the benefits of each?

The Spiral Mixer

The spiral mixer is so-called because it uses a spiral-shaped hook to spin through and knead the dough. They can come in a variety of speeds to facilitate dough development, and of course, they also come in a variet Continue reading