How to Choose the Right Bread Dough Mixer

If you are in the restaurant business you probably know how important a commercial dough mixer machine is to your restaurant. Mixing a batch of dough by hand and kneading it properly can take close to half an hour. An industrial dough mixer cuts that time down to mere moments and spares you a tremendous amount of effort. This is especially important if you want to offer quality pizza, which Americans report to be their number one comfort food. As you consider a dough mixer machine, you’ve probably noticed that there are planetary mixers and spiral mixers. Which one should you choose, and what are the benefits of each?

The Spiral Mixer

The spiral mixer is so-called because it uses a spiral-shaped hook to spin through and knead the dough. They can come in a variety of speeds to facilitate dough development, and of course, they also come in a variety of bowl volumes. Typically, spiral mixers will be measured in liters rather than quarts,
as planetary mixer bowls are measures.

What’s it For?

The spiral mixer is particularly designed for mixing bread dough. It does this well because the spiral hook only kneads one part of the dough at a time, meaning that friction is low and the mix will homogenize well. Higher speeds help to develop the gluten structure of the dough so that it rises properly.

When to Use It

Although the spiral mixer is usually able to mix a variety of bread doughs, it does not have an interchangeable attachment. It’s good for working with stiff doughs as well as high hydration doughs like that of the challah bread. Although it can be used to mix together biscuit dough or other pastry, it is not necessarily the ideal mixer for these applications.

Planetary Mixers

These mixers have a fixed bowl that does not move latch to the base of the machine. The bowl itself can be raised or lowered in order to add or remove items, and it comes with a wide variety of attachments. A standard planetary mixer should include a whip, a dough hook, and a paddle. Getting other attachments for your dough mixer machine is easy and most restaurant stores will have many to choose from.

What’s it For?

These mixers are far more versatile a form of dough mixer machine then the spiral mixer. They are an important type of commercial bakery mixer that no bakery or pastry shop would ever be without. They can mix scone and biscuit mix, cookie dough, cake batter, as well as fillings. They are also excellent for making mousses and creams.

When to Use It

While the planetary mixer is a great all around dough mixer machine, it is not as good for large bread doughs as the spiral mixer. it certainly can mix a bread dough, but if that’s the only type of dough you’re making, you’ll want to get a spiral mixer.

The Wrap Up

A spiral mixer is going to be cheaper than a planetary mixer, and that’s the main consideration. If you can afford it, it’s a great idea to have both. If you can only afford one dough mixer machine, the planetary mixer should be your choice for versatility unless the only thing you’re making is bread dough. Consider carefully what type of commercial restaurant equipment you need and check out the reviews and specifications of any domains or machine you’re interested in acquiring.

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