Buying a Custom BBQ Trailer

Grilling meats and vegetables on barbecues and grills is a long-standing American tradition, one that many families take part in a few times a year. The Fourth of July and Memorial Day are the biggest two occasions for barbecue, with 73% of consumers using grills on the former and 60% on the latter day. In fact, the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, or the HPBA, estimates that seven in 10 American adults owns their own grill or smoker for meats and vegetables. It can be fun, too: estimates show that 23% of consumers think of a grilling area as a place for relaxation, and 28% consider it an entertainment space. With this nation-wide interest in grilled meats and more, the right equipment should be on hand for the job. A stand up smoker, custom charcoal grills, pit smokers, and more are out there for any meat cooking enthusiast, and a custom trailer for grilling or smoking meats ca Continue reading