7 Health Benefits of Eating Peanuts

We all know the smooth, creamy delicious appeal of peanut butter. On its own or paired with another complementary food item, such as jelly or bananas, the allure of peanut butter is hard to resist, and peanut butter is good for you because it is filled with nutritional value. It’s hard to imagine life without peanut butter, but it appeared not too long ago, in 1904 at the World’s Fair in Saint Louis. Thinking of peanut butter leads to another question: have you ever asked yourself: is a peanut a nut — or a vegetable?

That is actually a very good question! We’ll get to the answer of the question about “is a peanut a nut” at the end of this piece. In the meantime, here are seven great health facts about peanuts–plus one bonus fact. These peanut facts are related to the benefits and advantages of peanuts.

So while you are pondering the question about “is a peanut a nut”, you may al Continue reading