Process of Making Muffins

Muffins are a delicious treat that is commonly enjoyed in the morning with breakfast. There are many different kinds of muffins, however, the basic recipe is the same. In this article, we are going to look at the process of making muffins.

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In the first part of the process you want to find a big bowl to mix the dry ingredients. Into this bowl first add two cups of flour. With the flour, you want to add some baking powder, as well as, salt. The last thing you are going to add is sugar. Once you have all of these ingredients in the bowl you need to sift them.

Another bowl is required for the wet ingredients. Eggs are going to be the first thing you add and you want to stir them before you add anything else. Into the egg bowl, you will add, vegetable oil and milk then stir it all together.

After you have finished mixing the ingredients into their respective bowls, you will combine them. This combined mixture is what will be poured into the muffin tin. Before you pour the muffin mixture in, make sure to spray the pan or tin with baking spray.


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