Amazing Coffee Facts

Did you know that across the globe, people drink more than 2.25 million cups of coffee a day? That is an incredible number to imagine. It would be an understatement to say that people simply like coffee. It is an obsession for many. Coffee provides that jolt of energy that most of us need to get through our day.

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However, there is much more to this cup of Joe than originally meets the eye. In this video, you will more about coffee and why should make more stops to your local coffee shop.

First, coffee can actually help people with lower blood pressure. A cup of coffee actually raises blood pressure thanks to the caffeine content. This causes blood vessels to dilate and let more blood through. Just be careful to not overdue it as too much caffeine is also dangerous.

Coffee is also good for your immune system. It keeps your immune system alert and strong. Coffee has even bee shown to reduce the likelihood of getting certain types of cancers. It is truly incredible what a cup of coffee can do. Lastly, a cup of coffee improves your mood. It has been shown that coffee releases serotonin in most people which improves mental health.


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