Reasons Why Golf Is More Complicated Than You Think

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Golf is the chosen past time of many professionals both because it’s relaxing to play, and the mental aspects that are associated with it. Doctors, businessmen, lawyers, and more, they’re all out at the driving range testing their equipment, or on the green basking in a warm sunny day as they strive to get their best drives. America is covered in golf courses, golf clubs, and golf club events. It’s one of the favorite leisure activities available to a working professional.

It’s also both one of the most complicated games, and the quickest to ease into.

That’s not to say that just anyone can play golf and play it well! At the upper levels of the sport, golf is one of the most complex games around, and the truly best tend to stand out. There’s a difference between playing in a golf tournament and driving on your local 18-hole golf courses. A big difference.

A professional, or even a seasoned player, can learn to adapt to changes in their environment quickly. Wind, terrain, the amount of dampness on the green, how much power to put into a swing and what angle to hit. There’s math, and lots of it, in golf. It’s not just line up the shot and swing! You need to account for so many factors.

Not to mention all the equipment that a player needs to have, and understand the uses for.

A golf player can have, at most, 14 clubs in their bag at any given time. Each one with a specific purpose, and a specific terrain or situation the work best in. A pro can use each one of them with maximum efficiency, and make the most out of every shot. They’re rather expensive on the higher end, which is why the sport has so many working professionals playing, individuals like doctors and lawyers. The best clubs and equipment costs more, but the results are noticeable.

They’re also rather heavy and make great exercise tool if you’re carrying them yourself.

An average sized man can burn 460 calories if they carry their clubs one hour of play. On a nine-hole course, they can end up having to walk nearly 2.5 miles. On 18-hole golf courses, that of course doubles. It’s why they have golf carts.

When you drive a ball 200 or more yards, it’s a pain in the rear to walk after it. Read this website for more information.

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