Reclaimed Spruce for Paneling, Walls, Flooring, and Furniture

More than beautiful and artistic, reclaimed wood was once an old barn, boat or other item deemed out-of-date or unusable. With the ability to reclaim spruce and other types of wood, there is much to be done for minimizing waste and cutting costs for flooring, paneling, countertops, and furniture.

Reclaimed Spruce and Other Types of Wood

While spruce is not the only type of reclaimed wood, there is a great deal of beauty in the uses of all types. It can be used for the construction of furniture and other artistic items, and it can also be used in the design and decoration of your home. The vintage or classic look of reclaimed wood is stylish for items like tables, countertops, bedroom furniture, living room furniture frames, window frames, and much more. So many different types of reclaimed wood have been developed for items like the following:

  • Ladderback chairs
  • Rustic table tops
  • Rustic wood siding
  • Reclaimed wood restaurant tables
  • Reclaimed wood table tops
  • Rustic furniture
  • Reclaimed wood siding
  • Reclaimed wood paneling

There are many options for finding reclaimed spruce and other types of wood. Most of these are usually from barns, homes, buildings, and other locations that may be torn down. Another part of the building may no longer be usable, but the wood can be reclaimed for future use in different types of furniture, interior decorative panels, exterior siding, and more.

In addition to paneling, the extended life of wood when it has been treated can also be something that will provide lasting home decor. Even though three billion feet of lumber have been milled in America since the beginning of the 20th century, the reclamation and preservation of wood help to extend the life of panels, siding, and other wood to more than 100 years.

The Beauty of Natural Reclaimed Wood

No matter how much it can be mentioned there is almost no other way to understand the beauty of reclaimed would until you see it up close. When looking at the fact that nearly 3 million tons of wood were recycled in 2015, it is amazing to see where we are in reclaimed wood as a whole, taking advantage for its usability in so many areas.

Without the need for new wood, reclaimed spruce and other wood helps with the development of paneling, furniture, cabinets, and other decors. Even more, there are exterior benefits available from reclaimed wood, including siding, window frames, and shutters. There is much more to gain from the quality rustic design of reclaimed wood, including cost savings and long-term preservation of all wood items inside and outside your home.

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