What Your Favorite Type Of Beer Says About Your Personality

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What does your favorite type of beer say about you? You may not think much of it, but alcohol is deeply intertwined with our personality and can really bring out the best in us. Whether it’s sipping a cold beer among friends at your favorite downtown bar or mixing up a fun drink to impress a date before you Netflix and chill, a good buzz can perk up just about anyone. The United States, just like any other country, has its own unique take on alcohol. This translates into an insulated growler that can be taken on a camping trip without a drop in temperature or quality beer gifts from independent breweries that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

If you want to know if an insulated growler or beer carbonation chart could make a great gift for a friend or family member, the list below is for you.

They Appreciate The Change In The Seasons

Some live in a very consistent climate. When the seasons change, it’s subtle and very easy to overlook. Others get to experience the full might of spring, summer, fall and winter. A study on craft beer consumers in the United States found nearly 85% of respondents saying they like to choose their beer depending on what season it is. This can translate into a light lemon beer for the summer, a dry cider for the fall or a hearty ale for the winter. Pumpkin spice is a fantastic flavor to herald the arrival of October and more people than ever are starting to appreciate the subtle sweetness of honey and apple.

They Prefer To Drink With Friends, Family Or Co-Workers

A good way to know if an insulated growler will make a keen gift is whether or not the person in question is a fan of social drinking. The vast majority of people much prefer to drink with good company and a great way to breathe life into any party is to look into awesome growlers that can hold a heavy load. A recent study on American consumers aged 21 years or older found the average regular drinker consuming 27 gallons of beer or cider during 2015. Another Gallup poll conducted back in 2016 saw 40% of legal drinkers preferring beer over wine or spirits.

They Like To Appreciate And Promote Local Businesses

The American craft beer market is worth nearly $24 billion and is home to some of the most talented and experienced artisans in the world. Over 85% of all the beer produced in the country is done domestically and a great vacation idea for the frequent drinker is to stop by popular cities on the West and East coast to try out all the local varieties. Small and independent craft brewers represent a hefty 12% of the market share and your best beer growler will supplement special blends quite well.

They Are A Huge Beer Lover And Want To Decorate Their Home

It’s easy to find some good beer gifts if you have a friend or family member with a favorite brand. This way you can not just get them a 64 ounce growler to introduce at their next party, you can supplement it with additional gifts to round out the gesture. Guinness, for example, is well-known throughout the world for its frothy top and devoted fanbase. Try finding a growler beer that can compliment a beautiful poster, a pair of classy mugs or a bottle cap remover.

How To Find The Best Custom Growlers

The best beer growler should be made of a sturdy material, able to withstand repeated trips throughout the party, the van and the sink. Some are stainless steel, while others are made out of glass. This can translate to a personal aesthetic, particularly if you have a friend who loves a beautiful design. Remember that an insulated growler should have a strong lid to avoid sudden spills. The insulated growler is especially popular for those that won’t drink their beer unless it’s delightfully cold.

Americans love their beer. Show your friend how much you know by getting them a gift with repeat value.

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