Finding the Best Mexican Restaurants in Your Area

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Many places all over the world have different types of restaurants serving international cuisine, and many big cities, regardless of their location on the globe, have at least one Mexican restaurant. A favorite for many and disliked by few, the colorful dishes and powerful flavor pops of Mexican food have most people coming back for seconds… or thirds!

Finding the best Mexican restaurants in your area

If you are looking to start a heated debate in any given group of individuals, whether they are your coworkers, family members, or fellow passengers on the subway, ask where to find the best Mexican food. Everyone has their favorite that they absolutely swear by and are ready to defend the most loudly. Of course, different people have different tastes and each person could have a different reason behind their choice, but the truly best Mexican restaurants will not only offer a wide variety of options, but also serve authentic dishes, that really bring with them the essence of the actual experience of enjoying a meal in Mexico.

The popularity of Mexican food

One recent look at the prevalence of Mexican restaurants in the United States showed that there were 38,000 Mexican restaurants peppered across the nation. That leaves a lot of room for discussion and debate over which of those are the absolute bet Mexican restaurants. One thing is clear, however, and that is that the popularity of Mexican food has indeed been growing. Salsa now outranks both ketchup and mayonnaise as the most popular condiment, and tortillas have been selling better than hot dog buns for the last few years. This hints at the fact that nearly three quarters of the households across the country cook and eat Mexican food and the ingredients commonly used in the delicious cuisine.

Being the best

There are several types of international restaurants and cuisine available throughout the United States, but with one in 10 restaurants selling Mexican food, the cuisine from our neighbors to the south holds the title for most popular international cuisine in the nation. And that makes the establishments that are commonly referred to as the best Mexican restaurants incredibly popular indeed. While 75% of people indulging in foreign cuisine are seeking new flavors, two thirds are on the hunt for flavors that are bolder, and dishes that are unfamiliar. The best Mexican restaurants know how to deliver each of those!

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Francis Pitt

Francis Pitt has made a name for himself in farm-to-table organics, working at restaurants in Portland, Seattle and Burlington, Vermont. While he has a taste for the extreme, most of his restaurant’s top sellers are much more down-to-earth, regularly featuring mushrooms gathered from the slopes of the Cascades, and fresh wild-caught seafood from the Oregon coast. Inspired by trends in Portland, his latest restaurant offers the ultimate chef’s table: dinner begins in the morning at his island collective farm, and 4 lucky guests every week get to follow the food, literally, from the field to the plate! Francis is a firm believer that you are what you eat — do you really want to be a chemistry set?