Making Whiskey Without Tools

In this video, you will learn about whiskey making kits. The video goes through easy steps for how to make whiskey in ten days. The recipe does not require tools. Oftentimes, you tools are required when you are making whiskey.

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In this recipe, you do not need tools for your whiskey. People think you need a lot of money and tools to make whiskey. For this recipe, you don’t need many things. The ingredients are 450ml of alcohol, 350ml of water, 1tbs of sugar cane, and 100g of oak wood. It is difficult to find sometimes, but you can find them in the description of the video. You are going to start with the oak wood in the bottom of the container. Then, you will add the sugar cane. Both of these are soluble in hot water. This needs to be done over a process of a few days. The oak wood is the longest thing that dissolved. The oak wood is filtered out, but the taste and fragrance still exist. After one day, you need to repeat these steps so that you don’t lose your progress. If you are interested in learning more, you can keep reading.

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Francis Pitt

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