Party Appetizer Ideas Why We Love Hummus

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Where is hummus from? What is its ethnic origin? We find this popular dish in a variety of ethnic cuisines: Greek, Israeli, Lebanese, Egyptian, all claiming hummus as their own. To whom does hummus truly belong, and why is this centuries-old recipe the subject of such a heated argument?
Whether you’re eating a Lebanese dish or a Greek dish, the primary ingredient in the hummus will always be chickpeas. What few people know is that Canada is one of the top exporters of chickpeas in the world. In 2012 and 2013, Canadian farmers grew 158,000 tons of chickpeas in response to a higher demand for hummus.

Besides its smooth and creamy texture that pairs perfectly with a base of pita bread, hummus is gaining popularity due to its health benefits. A 2014 study shows that people who choose to snack on hummus are 51% less likely to have high blood sugar than those who select other snacks. Not enough protein in your diet? Canada’s Food Guide states that three-fourths of a cup of hummus is the equivalent of one serving of meat.
Because hummus recipes vary so much from one type of cuisine to another, there is an infinite number of unique dishes one can prepare using hummus as the fundamental element. Hummus is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and kosher. With so many things to celebrate here in Canada, why not include hummus in your party appetizer ideas?
We all know that hummus can be used for dips and spreads, riding on the backs of pita chips or raw vegetables. However, there are many creative uses for hummus spread that will keep your party fresh and fun.
Try adding some hummus to the filling of your deviled eggs, or spreading it on toasted bread for a Mediterranean bruschetta. Hummus also makes an excellent substitution for mayonnaise on sandwiches or in wraps.

So, to whom does hummus truly belong? It belongs to you. Use it in any delicious form you choose, and share it with the world as party appetizer ideas or just a quick snack.

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