Which is Better for You When on a Diet Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

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You are trying to lose weight or be healthy for whatever reason it is that you’re staying away from carbs and sugar. But you have such a sweet tooth and it’s killing you. You’ve done so good for two weeks and not even had a cheat meal, would one ice cream cup really set you back that far? It’s so hot outside and at least there are no bad carbs in ice cream. It’s the sugar right? Maybe if you just use tasting spoons you’ll eat less. You could justify but you know what happens if you cheat: you’ll spend the next month trying to get back on track after eating every single thing you’ve deprived yourself of for the past week. What about frozen yogurt? If it’s that much healthier than ice cream, you wouldn’t have to limit yourself or to eat it with tasting spoons or toothpicks or however you control yourself or even feel guilty. Could frozen yogurt really be healthy as they say? Well, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of frozen yogurt and see if that might be an option for you today.

  1. Frozen yogurt does have more minerals and nutrients than ice cream such as protein that can be beneficial to us.
  2. Frozen yogurt contains enzymatic benefits that help with digestion so that even if you are lactose intolerant, you may be able to digest frozen yogurt because of the enzymes that are naturally in yogurt already and therefore also in frozen yogurt.
  3. There is a fat free option if you are trying to stay away from fat.


  1. If you do not choose the fat free option, the fat in yogurt can be almost as high as ice cream, depending on the flavor you choose because of the fruits and flavor enhancers that are added later to the yogurt.
  2. All frozen yogurt, even fat free options, are extremely high in sugar in order to get them that sweet taste. They are basically just as high in sugar as ice cream is.
  3. The protein in frozen yogurt could be no more then the size of one of those tasting spoons. Research has shown that frozen yogurt contains less than a third of the protein that the same size regular yogurt would have.

Let’s take a look at how frozen yogurt is actually made to help us get a better understanding of how it compares to ice cream on the healthy scale.

The lactic acid that is released in the milk of the yogurt by live bacterial cultures cause the milk proteins to thicken well at the same time protecting it against bad bacteria. The best yogurt for you still has the live bacterial properties at the end of the process.

Frozen yogurt in particular is made by replacing the cream content of ice cream with regular yogurt but other than that most of the same ingredients are used such as sugar. This is the main reason why frozen yogurt is not as healthy as regular yogurt. Sugar can be very bad for the body if to much is ingested.

Basically, you can put frozen yogurt between regular yogurt and ice cream on the scale of healthiness; not as good for you as a regular pot of yogurt, but not as bad as a bowl of ice cream either.

In order to make your frozen yogurt snack healthy enough to not feel guilty about you would need to find a fat free, sugar-free option which can be very difficult to find in a regular yogurt store. Try calling around to some different yogurt shops and see what they have. You may want to use tasting spoons to make sure than any sugar free, fat free options are even appealing to your taste buds and satisfy that sweet tooth.

However, to answer the original question or questions, although frozen yogurt is not necessarily as healthy as a piece of fruit or vegetables, it is definitely better than ice cream. You can think of it as the same as surveys or frozen milk.

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