What Are Some Common Mexican Street Food

Bold flavors and contrasting textures have made Mexican cuisine popular around the world. What do average Mexicans eat? They eat what’s called street food, which is food usually sold by venders. YouTuber Mark Wiens takes a look at one of the most popular kinds of Mexican street food, Sonoran.

All Mexican food distribution companies need to add Sonoran-style grilled beef, or carne asada, to their catalogues. Lean beef is chosen, marinated in beer and spices, and then grilled to perfection.

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It’s served in many different ways, such as with tamales and tacos. There are also racks of ribs to sink your teeth into.

Very few parts of cattle are wasted. Even calf testicles and intestines make for delicious street food. Beef is often paired with corn or a whole potato cooked on the grill.

However, the most popular street food in all of Mexico and American cities that border Mexico is the versatile and dependable taco. They can be sold in hard shells or soft. They have a wide variety of fillings, usually paired with vegetables and meat. Many also come with cheese and special sauces. In Tuscon, they start with a whole green chili and add beef, cheese, mushroom and bacon. You then add the salsa or topping of your choice, and enjoy.

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